18 January 2012


That's got to smart.

The Video, just as a reminder:

And now the courts have ruled: he's the Only One, that they know of, who doesn't think he should be ridiculed and mocked for his own dumb-assery.

HT: Weer'd Beard


Laura said...

"I'm the one professional enough to carry a glock" *BANG* HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

What an idiot.

Larry said...

And now when you hear the term "Only Ones" you know where it came from.
Thanks for dropping by Laura!

Da Curly Wolf said...

uhmmm......I feel like I was watching a scene from Animal House "Hey Greg look at my thumb *thwack!* Gee you're dumb"

Larry said...

I particularly like the way he tried to play it off and keep going. A smart guy would have understood that he has lost the class at that point, dismissed them and called for an ambulance.
But, he is the "Only One"...
Thanks for dropping by CW!