07 January 2012

More Fun In The Sun

Today I took a trip down A1A from Jacksonville Beach to St Augustine. It's a drive I haven't made in quite some time.  It was a beautiful day and the tourist trade seemed to be going pretty well in St Augustine. The traffic got pretty bad by the time I got to the fort, so instead of swinging left across the bridge I went right, back to US1 and I-95, and then back to Jacksonville.

Not much has changed, there's just more of it. There used to be empty spots all along the highway, but now it's pretty much solid houses from Jax Beach to St Augustine with the occasional empty spot thrown in here and there.  It's still a nice drive, though.

What I did see of the beach was pretty empty, not unusual for a January day. The temperatures near the water were 5-6 degrees cooler than it was farther inland. The fishing boats were out in force, I hope they had a good day.

I took my dog, but not my camera so no pictures. Maybe I'll get down that way again tomorrow, I have nothing scheduled as far as I know until Monday when we go to Lake City to see Pop. If so I'll go down further south of St Augustine and see if the empty places have filled in from there to Flagler Beach as well.

Tonight there will be more on the grill, but this time I think Son In Law is going to do the cooking.


Stephen said...

I haven't made that drive in years either...always use US1. It has been a nice day here. Have fun.

Larry said...

I've been having a great time. I loved being stationed in Florida, too bad they closed Cecil Field.
Thanks for dropping by Stephen!