18 January 2012

My Kind Of People

I don't really consider myself a "gun blogger" but it seems that more and more of my links are to people who own firearms. One of the reasons for this is that the type of people who own firearms are more likely to be aware of the political situations regarding gun control in particular, and freedom in general.

In my choice of links I guess I could be running into the problem of creating my own echo chamber, but I think it's pretty well balanced by what I have to deal with in the real world. It has been my experience that liberals broadcast their idiocy openly and loudly and make a scene if you happen to publicly disagree with them.

Conservative leaning people, on the other hand, keep mostly to themselves and don't feel the need to seek validation from the people around them. They are secure in who they are and they don't feel the need to browbeat people into agreeing with them.

It is the second type that are more likely to be politically aware, and also to be more likely to support my right to keep and bear arms whether or not they do so themselves.

These are my kind of people.  (If this is not the most linked post in the history of the gun blogosphere, it really should be.)

So, without further ado, here are the links I've added today:


In Jennifer's Head

Weerd World

Jay G

Welcome to the Refuge. As Stephen is wont to say, you are now among friends.

UPDATE: Damn, how could I have missed McThag?  (What's up with the content warning?)

UPDATE II: Robert, from Roberts Gun Shop. Welcome to the Refuge!


Jennifer said...

Thank you, Larry. This community is awesome.

Larry said...

Glad to have you along Jennifer, thanks for dropping by!

Angus McThag said...

I need validation. You could validate me. I don't want to pay for parking.

Larry said...

I don't charge for parking, so you're good.
Thanks for dropping by McThag!

Jay G said...

Thank'ee, kind sir.

*makes mental note to update blogroll*

Larry said...

Glad to have you aboard Jay G; long time reader, first time linker, etc. etc.
Thanks for dropping by!