28 January 2012

A Day At The Range

The High Standard shot well, as you can see by the photo. The upper left target was shot at 20 yards and the lower right was shot at 5.

There were a handful of FTF malfunctions that were likely due to ammunition; it was just cheapie Remington ammo that I got with the Marlin. Inspection of the unfired rounds show that the firing pin seems to be working well, there was a clean indent on each of them.

I did much better with the High Standard than I did with the Glock later on. More proof that I need to get out to the range more often, it has been way too long. I didn't shoot the Glock at 5 yards, but at 20 yards I was all over the paper. I only shot 50 rounds through it, next time I'll start at 10 yards and I'll bring 100 rounds with me.

Youngest Son got an unexpected object lesson in where food comes from today as well. My range partner raises rabbits, and one of them turned a bit cannibal and started chewing on his hutch-mates. He came to the range with us and was dispatched with a .22 caliber  bullet to the back of the head.

This was a good opportunity not only to show him that meat doesn't magically appear in neat clean packages, but also that anyone who tells you a .22 can't hurt you is dead wrong. He was a bit quiet for a while, so I think the lesson sunk in pretty well.

We also shot the Mosin, the Arisaka and the Saiga. Later on when I got everything home and was cleaning rifles I dropped the Mosin (!!!!) and jarred the sights off, so next range session I will have to put them back in. Oh, darn, I guess that means I have to go shooting again sometime soon.

The day was finished off with steaks and shrimp on the barbie.


agirlandhergun said...

What a great life lesson for your son and how great that he was impacted by it. My daughter would make comments from time to time about how she thought hunters were mean while at the same time chewing a pices of bacon. I said you will not be a hypocrite. You can eat meat and then talk bad about the person who put it on your plate. She is young and for whatever reason just didn't put the 2 together. I still don't see her hunting anytime soon, but at least she knows where the food on her plate comes from and she is thankful for the folks who are willing to do the "dirty" work.

Larry said...

It might have backfired on me, now he wants to go squirrel hunting. I told him if he shot it he would have to eat it, and he's all excited about getting his first taste of squirrel...
Thanks for dropping by AG!

Matt said...

Absolutely nothing wrong with learning to feed yourself. Just think, you two will soon be displaying your kills on the hood of your mustang... heh!

Anonymous said...

That's good that he wants to hunt. We used to live on a ranch I worked on and my middle daughter was quite upset the first time we butchered one of our pigs. After awhile it sunk in but I agree that it's good that they know food doesn't just appear on the table from out of no where.

Larry said...

Matt, guess who gets to clean it? I'm betting he'll be all too willing...until the first bits of entrails makes their appearance.
AKgrrrl, a good friend of mine was raised on a farm and would cry every time they slaughtered one of the animals...except for the chickens because she said they were so mean they deserved to die.
Thanks for dropping by!