26 January 2012


If you are servicing a pressurized system, always disconnect the inlet side before you disconnect the outlet side. That way the pressure can bleed off and you won't get cooling oil all over you.

It also helps to shut the pump off before you disconnect anything.

Off to the shower now, and then to bed.


Stephen said...

Oil has a funky aftertaste doesn't it...

Da Curly Wolf said...

*grin* which is why I let the pros handle that and myriad other things on my vehicle. I buy the parts and my mechanic does the work for a pittance. Exception was the recent replacement of the fuel injection system on the Blazer. He bought the parts that time.

Larry said...

This was actually a cooler for a semiconductor making machine, we were changing the quick disconnect ends on them. I unplugged the outlet QD, then the inlet QD, then I figured out I needed to turn the pump off to change the pump fittings. That should have been done in exactly the opposite order, when I cracked the fittings on the cooling coil the pressurized oil gave me a bath.

And yes Stephen, oil has a distinctive taste and odor, and cooling oil even more so.

Thanks for dropping by!