10 January 2012


Yesterday we got the whole crowd together and went to see Pop. He was kind of overwhelmed because there were so many of us, but he did get to meet his great-grandson and his grandson-in-law, as well as see Middle Daughter who he had not seen in quite some time.

We also talked about emptying his garage out. He's making noises like he wants to move again, but he doesn't know where yet. It looks like Eldest Son and I will be making another run to Florida next month with the Banana Boat and the trailer to help him out with that.

He got tired of us after a couple of hours (like I figured he would) and so we were back by early afternoon. I took the chance to go back down A1A and take some pictures this time.  I'll post them when I'm back on my home network, this cell phone card is painfully slow.

Speaking of the cell phone card, I had been having some problems with the computer locking up on me when I was using it and had a browser opened up. I found out that turning off the internal wireless LAN makes it not do that any more. I'll have to keep that in mind.

This morning Daughter and Son-In-Law are picking up Youngest Son for the trip back north. Eldest Son and I will be staying an extra day to talk to his lawyer and hopefully get some of his issues resolved. Tomorrow we will head back home.

It's been a good visit, but I'm glad the holiday traveling is going to be over soon.

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