08 January 2012

In Addition

Because I do not want my daughter, or those she loves, to be one of those the candles below are lit for, I have entered her into this drawing.

If she is not drawn I will do my best to show her what I learned here. Either way, she has shown an interest in being prepared and I will do my best to see that she is.

Lots of other nice prizes there, too. Go check it out.


Da Curly Wolf said...

*chuckle* Larry do you facebook at all? If so go check out the page for Coalition to Stop Gun Violence or CSGV for short. They have their panties in a wad over the response to their light a candle for the victims of gun violence day campaign. The response of the gun community was hilarious and CSGV is calling all gun owners the usual names, in response. A friend of mind started a counter page to that page because We and many others I know of [including of course Miguel over at Gun Free Zone]have had comments deleted and been blocked from posting. For the crime of trying to break into the group think, and propose opposing view points to get an ACTUAL discussion going. My buddy called his retaliatory page Coalition to Stop the Coalition to Stop Gun Violence. *grin* Made me Co Admin. Most of the posts are mine.

Larry said...

Yes, I have a presence on the book of faces and I saw mention of the CSCSGV, I think on the Gun Blog Black List. I'll have to check it out.
The problem as I see it is they think we were only making fun of them. That's only half the story. We were making fun of them, of course, but we were also lighting candles in memory of the needless victims while at the same time showing the way for others not to be victims.
Of course they refuse to see that...our victims are the young women found raped and strangled in the ditches, theirs are the gang-bangers and drug dealers that shoot each other on the streets. There are none so blind, etc.
Thanks for dropping by CW!