14 January 2012

The Day In Review

The pony went back to the dealer today, and they found...nothing.

I still get a wobble at 10-15 MPH, but only on smooth unbroken blacktop. Any other surface, and any roughness at all, no wobble. I'm beginning to think it's something in the normal settings of the alignment, but I will certainly be keeping a closer eye on tire wear this time around.

After getting nothing at the dealer I went to an open carry lunch. I was concealed carrying since I had been to the dealer, but it was a good time had with other like-minded folks. While I was there one of the other members handed me a card for a new gun store.

They didn't have the Glock that I wanted to check out, but it's always fun looking at shooty sticks. I was going to check out a second gun store, and while I was cruising around looking for it the same guy that handed me the card pulled up next to me pointing back the way we had come. I thought he was pointing me towards the gun store, so I turned around.

Sure enough I found the gun store that I was looking for. They were closed so I didn't get to go in, but while I was there I realized that I had left my Mustang hat with all of my pins at the restaraunt. I realized that my friend had been pointing me back towards the restaraunt, and a PM I got later on confirmed that.

Since I had lost the magnets off of the car while I was washing it in Jacksonville I would have really missed the pins. I went back to the restaraunt and they had it on the counter.

It's a good thing my head is firmly attached, or I'd lose that as well.

At any rate I'm going to try to get some shut-eye this evening so I can stay up tonight, sleep tomorrow and back to work tomorrow night. Vacation time is over, back to the grind.


Angus McThag said...

The 91-96 Chevy B-Body has that sort of wobble on super smooth road with the 255 or wider tires. It's an alignment issue, alright.

If you accept an alignment that's "in spec" you get it nine times out of ten. There's a perfect spot that you have to really rag on the tech to hit, that's not centered in the spec range, so they hate to do it.

Try getting an autocross alignment and see if that cures it, that's what I have to ask for with my Biscayne.

Assuming you take advice from someone who owns a Chevy. I assure you I am merely a car guy.

Larry said...

That's what I figured it was, it's just enough out that on a perfectly smooth surface it feels like the right front tire grabs at low speeds. I'll have to find a shop that will do an autocross alignment, the work was done at the Ford dealer and they won't even attempt it (they're pretty competitive with tires, though).
I have a Chevy, a 1962 C-10 SWB stepside. The smallblock Chevy V-8 is the finest hot-rod motor ever built, bar none, and anyone that doesn't believe that can go around looking under hoods at the next hot rod show. Lotsa bow-ties under all of that sheet metal, no matter who's emblem is on the nose. Simple, reliable, cheap (for varying degrees of cheap) and easy to modify.
Thanks for dropping by McThag!