22 March 2012

Body Work, Part 1

Thanks to a fellow Mustang Forum member I was able to score the rear valence for a pretty good price, and it will cost me right at 5 bills to have the bumper cover removed, repaired, painted and reinstalled with the new valence. A bit painful, but a new bumper cover would be around $450 from Ford and would still need to be painted, so I think I'm getting it done at a good price.

It goes in the first Monday in April and I should have it just in time for the Raleigh meet-up on the 7th. They did an excellent job with the hood, so I'm expecting similar results with the other end of the car.

If anyone near north Raleigh needs a body shop, I highly recommend Pete's in Creedmore.


agirlandhergun said...

I don't know anything about cars, but I am happy you are happy!

Larry said...

Gas goes into the hole in the drivers side rear fender and the long slanty pedal makes it go. :D

Thanks for dropping by AGirl!