18 March 2012


I finally got tired of waiting for the Falcon grips I had ordered from glockstore.com, so I went through Amazon and got some of these instead.

They have been installed and I am now awaiting a range session to check them out.

First impressions: they are easy to install and certainly do help to improve the grip, of that there is no doubt. They feel kind of like the non-skid that you get for your wooden ramps going up into sheds and such, like a fine grain emery cloth. The only problem I can foresee is with my left hand wrapped around the right the fingertips of my right hand are pressed rather uncomfortably against the rough grips on the left panel. It may take some getting used to for it to be comfortable to shoot.

I'm hoping that it will solve some of the grip issues I have, given that it is a lightweight gun and a large caliber it tends to twist a bit in my hands and I think it may be contributing to the FTF/FTE problems I have with it. Of course the G-36 has a somewhat unsavory reputation regarding this type of failure, with much discussion having been had about it.

I'll let you know how it works out.


Knitebane said...

Unpossible! Glock perfection!

You have spoken ill of that which must not be spoken ill of! And not in a subdued whisper in a smokey back room but aloud and in public!

The Great Glock Horde will come for you now. Your only hope is to swear off that dishwasher safe thing and get a 1911.

Larry said...

The 1911 is on my "Guns I Want" list...
And FWIW, I have an AK clone, too.

Thanks for dropping by Knitebane!