10 March 2012


Today I took the Scoobytruck down to the tire store. It has been pulling to the left and has had a vibration in the wheel since Daughter and S-I-L took it to Florida, and I suspected it had a bad tire.

It did, on the right front, which is where I thought it was. My tire-fu remains strong.

I had an open carry lunch to do first, and afterwards we went back to the tire store where we got four new tires and an alignment for about half of what it cost for the Mustang.

I was happy to see that Merchants Tire has an alignment rack.

I was happier to see what Merchants Tire does not have.

I think they will be getting my tire business from here on out.

On another note, TDP rides again, and this time I didn't have to spend a single thin dime on it.


MSgt B said...

Hey Larry.

I have one of those too. The TDT (That Damn Tracker)
A 2001 Chevy Tracker that just won't die, although there's always something wrong with it.

It's been sitting at the back of the driveway for 6 months now, I should spend a weekend getting it back on the road. (Front end. I think its a ball joint, and tires up front need to be replaced as a result)

Larry said...

The problem with TDP isn't that it won't die (although I would gleefully feed it into a shredder - but it was Mom's car so I'm not allowed to do that) but that it is constantly needing major repairs.

Hopefully with this last round (crankshaft and all bottom end bearings) it will last a while, the only thing we haven't touched on the motor now is...well, I won't jinx it.

Thanks for dropping by MSgtB!