15 March 2012

Frabulous Day

Last night I got a couple of hours overtime in.

Normally that wouldn't matter for anything, but this morning I was up at 0630, range bag in hand and Middle Daughter in tow, heading for the shooting range.

Not for me, for Middle Daughter. Her idea.  How awesome is that?

Between Range Partner and myself we had a variety of toys to play with, most of them his. I brought the G36 (which she has fired once and didn't like) and the High Standard. He brought a 22 conversion Glock, a G17, and a KelTec in 9mm for semi-autos and a .357 revolver just because.

We went over the Four Rules and talked a bit about sight picture, grip and stance. Once she had that down we loaded up and commenced to peppering targets. She started out on the High Standard and quickly moved up to the Glock, putting a lot of .22 caliber holes in the 9 and 10 rings.

Then we broke out the G-17. Ho-ley moley! It was like that gun was made for her, and she for it.

The large-ish hole where the bottom of the X ring used to be was where the first magazine went through. The rest of them were from the .22's. She put another magazine through the top of the X ring, and then she shot the KelTec and quickly decided she did not like it. She then put a couple of rounds through the revolver and decided she didn't like that, either. After that she was tired and the holes were going all over the paper except where she wanted them to, so it was time to quit.

I put a few rounds through the G36 and started having quite a few FTE/FTF issues, which I used as an opportunity to show her what to do about them. I also practiced some mag changes and was pretty satisfied with how it went. Clearing the malfunctions gave us a chance to discuss the importance of not quitting, clear the malfunction and get back into the fight. This prompted her to remark "That's when you charge them and hit them over the head with it, right?"

Please do note that she said nothing about running away. No back-up in this one, she is her mother's daughter. This makes me proud...and a little afraid...

Range Partner and I recommended a few web sites for her to look through, and then we packed up and went out for lunch. This is where we found a dish starring this handsome fellow and a few of his friends (please forgive the overexposure, it was snapped on a cell phone camera).

Y'know, someone had to be the first one to look at that and say "Hm, wonder what that tastes like..."  I'm guessing that there may have been fermented drinks involved, maybe a dare, and possibly a "Yes, this is a delicacy in our country (lets see if the tourist is gonna fall for this...oh gross, he ate it!)"

In the afternoon I got to go to the periodontist because I have a tooth that is persistently loose no matter what kind of brushing and flossing I throw at it. The good news is I get to keep it (I still have all of my molars, too, a fact which has surprised many a dentist), the bad news is false teeth would be cheaper. Looks like my tax return will go to dental work instead of toys. FML.

The day was bright and warm so the top stayed down all day, and hamburgers on the grille finished it off.


Stephen said...

What a nice day. Can't wait until my next range session. She's a fine young lady and you're right to be proud.

Larry said...

I am, Stephen. Thanks for dropping by!

agirlandhergun said...

How did I miss this post????

How great!!

Larry said...

It really was. Now she's all over me to take her back out to the range...as it should be.

If it wasn't for dentist visits and Mustang damage I'd already have a 9mm Glock for her to shoot...

Thanks for dropping by AGirl!